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Thanks to all who GaveBIG

June 23, 2017

It was another successful year for Save Lake Sammamish during the giveBIG! Thanks to all of you for your generous donations.

New Life at Lake Sammamish State Park

June 23, 2017

Big doings are happening at Lake Sammamish State Park and happily this is a successful combination of more activities and increased native plantings. Go visit the State Park with a new boardwalk, awesome children’s play area, bathhouse and newly redone beach.

Talus Landslide repairs now up to nearly $2.5M

June 23, 2017

Issaquah City staff has come in with a request for more money to repair the area of the Talus landslide. Seemingly the taxpayers are footing the bill for the slide that happened when cleared steep slope mixed with water created earth movement.

Now that the easy to develop land has been processed we can expect to see those difficult parcels to look tempting. Sammamish and Issaquah both have the same situation. Steep slope + water. And it all drains to Lake Sammamish.

Bergsma Windward Development Agreement Denied by Issaquah City Council

June 23, 2017

One of the last developable parcels in the City of Issaquah section of Cougar Mtn is being considered for development. The key issue is access. The City has required a road going up the hill from Newport Way, that utilizes several critical area variances and a tremendous quantity of dirt movement. All of this on steep terrain with a variety of wetland and stream issues.

The decision by the Council denies an attempt to cluster 70 housing units on the property, leaving the developer with around 40 units that could be built using a more traditional plat. Will this happen? We don’t know.

The best possible use is protected open space to preserve the forest and the water quality going to Lake Sammamish.

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