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Fall 2015 Newsletter

Retirement of Frank Lill from SLS Board
Lake Sammamish Memories
The Native American Culture on Lake Sammamish
A History of Squak Slough
Hot Tubs and Lake Sammamish

Winter 2013 Newsletter

Remembering Richard Cook
Preventing Further Spread of New Zealand Mudsnails
Aquatic Invasive Species Legislation in the Works
Recent Proposals for Lake Sammamish State Park
New SLS Board Members
2nd Annual Kokanee Fun Run

Summer 2012 Newsletter

The Rowley Pipeline
Plastic Bags Banned in Issaquah
City of Sammamish updating Environmentally Critical Areas Regulation
Kokanee Update Driveway Car Washing – Make the Connection
Update on King County’s Water Quality Monitoring Program
What Do You Think the City of Issaquah Should Look Like in 2040?

Fall-Winter 2011 Newsletter

SPECIAL FEATURE: High Water Levels in Lake Sammamish
Your Ideas Needed for SLS Web Site Upgrade
Lake Sammamish Kokanee Update—Fall 2011
Community Wildlife Habitats in the City of Sammamish
Secure Your “Stuff”
A Gift of Sustainability
Help Stop Lead Poisoning of the Lake’s Waterfowl

Spring 2010 Newsletter

Living with Wildlife on Lake Sammamish
Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends
Garbage in the Lake
SPECIAL FEATURE: Shoreline Master Plan Updates
Better than Bulkheads

Spring 2009 Newsletter

Just Visiting, A Pelican Lands on Lake Sammamish
Kokanee Update
Can Beetles Be the Answer to Milfoil Problems?
An Apology on Behalf of Mother Nature
Adopt-a-Kokanee… or a Cuthroat or a Pike!
Learn All About Native Plants This Spring

Spring 2008 Newsletter

Global Warming — Is it Affecting Lake Sammamish?
NO BUILD Decision on SE Issaquah Bypass Project
More You Should Know about Milfoil
Shoreline Master Program Update
Some Lake-Friendly Recipes for Lawn Management
Current Status of the Kokanee of Lake Sammamish

Fall 2007 Newsletter

Reduce Pollutants Caused by Your Household
Kokanee Update: Petition Submitted to List Sammamish Late Run Kokanee as an Endangered Species
Contacting Government Officials
Responsible Lakeside Landscaping: Buffers and Rain Gardens
Increase in Eagle Population
Pervious Paving Materials — Helping the Watershed and Lake Environment

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