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Save Lake Sammamish (SLS) is a non-profit Washington corporation established to promote the water quality of Lake Sammamish and its watershed by fostering greater public awareness of the environmental and wildlife concerns relating to Lake Sammamish and its watershed and any potential development thereon.


It all started one day when Joanna Buehler noticed surveyors while strolling through Timberlake Park. At the time it was a forested area down the shoreline from her home on Lake Sammamish. She asked, and learned that they were surveying for a pipeline, but they refused to give further details. Several phone calls later Joanna realized the proposed pipe could discharge polluted storm water into the lake. Naively, she thought that she could just let those making the decision know the harm the pipeline would cause, and they would do the right thing.

She soon learned it would take more than that. Save Lake Sammamish was co-founded in 1989 by Joanna Buehler and others concerned with the deteriorating lake conditions. Twenty four years later, Save Lake Sammamish is still hard at work educating, advocating and if necessary, litigating for Lake Sammamish.


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